Here's a story of a boy,
Living in the lonely world,
A hidden note, A secret crush,
A little girl who talks too much.

Well, I'm standing in the crowd,
And when you smile I check you out,
But you don't even know my name,
You're too busy with your friend,

And I want you to know,
If you lose your way,
I won't let you go.

If I cut my hair,
If I change my clothes,
Will you notice me?

If I bite my lip,
If I say hello,
Will you notice me?


Hi am i a boy waiting for someone who i love,don't disturb me, i am emo one.
Nickname used:Bloody ROSe
First cry:30 october 1993 Currently:single/attached
Close to:???

Be happier
Find someone that i love and she love me too
Quit smoking
Get a poly cert
Get a degree
Own a motorcycle
Own a sport car
get a apple laptop



friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend. friend.

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Lyrics of the song "Notice Me" by Zetta Bytes

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
11:51 PM

it was a sad thing for a person to watch someone close to you pass away. He have grown up already la, suddenly so many thing happen and if it wasn't for you who leave him i think he won't be that bad bah, with you by his side and to comfort him, but now? you love someone else then go ahead la, cause after all he will be there to be waiting for you but if there happen to be a time when you really don't love him then tell him bah, you know how much he have been hurt recently? yes he have not really grow up to the person that you really wanted but have you ever thought the pain he is going through now? yes he may still have xenia but have you ever thought why he don't want to stay faithful to her? is not he don't want lei but is like he want people to spend more time on him wah and that if he truly still love xenia, then we won't have force him to forget those thing and to wait for you lor, if he don't love you he won't ask us to keep those memories and to return him when thing in his life is better la. i don't know but you go think yourself ok? i wont post too much already cause now he is in his past so we will just leave it, he will change for a bettter person after all those sudden thing that we did not expected came ok?

Will you ever notice me and love me again...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
3:22 PM

haha finally my second plan is on the way, yes la just break with him la. i can control his life over here and thank you, that the way it have to be. he need to be hurt more and more till his heart is no longer in this earth. break with him and leave him alone to us la, so happy now that he is with us at our place:D what more can we do. we have to do this for his sake. it is his soul that he owe us but since now that he is so weak, we will be able to deal with him and of course kill him when the time come. how sad can it be. can say he have no mood for everything and thanks to you that why he is like that now. all your lies and fake word have cause him to be hurt and living in despair now. all thanks to you. one after another like that time. go ahead and call the police, he will only be caught then will be his death. we have all plan out and if you ever read this, don't think he is at home la, you think he got com to use meh with his mother like that and that if you ever read this girl, if you ever let his memories recover then you better make sure that you are ready to accept him again and don't hurt him again. now let us continue playing with this game and that the final winner will emerge soon. he now have no other choice ok! if you want then take his life, he is ready to end it anyway. there is nothing much worth of his life now that everything is in chao. yes we will force him to wait cause all the memories are with us and it is so sweet that you two are together. how i wish you could come and join us. well all the sweet love and memories are here with us and that he have completely forgotten you so that the way it should be. yes leave him in his past and his darkest and painful side will emerge and that only you girl who is able to deal with it. want to see him die or leave is with you. we have to force out the darkest and the most painful past out of him and let him leave painfully and to grow up to the guy that you wanted. so please follow the rules girl, if you don't then you are spelling trouble for yourself. now that he have the time to slow drop into the past of his then we will let it because this way is the only way that will make him grow. you know his past well then you should know what's the pain and fear that he will be living in time. that all BYEBYE reader. have fun watching me ruining a poor boy life who have choose to accept us into his life XD

GIRl refer to someone who have appear in his past.
you refer to someone who is hurting him now.

Will you ever notice me and love me again...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
5:12 PM

haha finally i have force him to change into a person that prove that he is able to wait for you. this is then the true meaning of waiting and thanks for breaking up with him. it is all part of my plan and that i will continue to slowly change him to the guy who is never like this before. haha well truly jeaslyn you have not known who is me yet am i right but today i will tell you who am i but i will not decalre my name out as i am only here to help him, haha well just you, the person who i am planning for him to wait will know right darling? haha well jeaslyn i admire you, you know? your trust for him is like so easily to be destroy by just some people who you don't even know. haha well another thing, look at jeaslyn, she is real mature girl who is able to face up to her past and accepting the truth and her past unlike you. haha it is all as plan and to someone who still love him, if you can snatch his fate away from me then come and bring it on. he is more happier with her other than you. can you prove that you truly love him and not like those who are after thing of his only. can say his retribution is up bah, he have hurt all of you but in the end he is hurt by my plan and i must thank and praise myself for the clever thinking of my haha:D if anybody can match me then so be it ok? i am always there to challenge people one. haha now he will have his weekend free unlike last time have to help people who he love but now he is free! well thanks to miss wang too that she have open up his mind for me to be able to work my plan. being in a relationship at such a young age is not right dumb, it only cause you to be hurt. have you ever thought you have the money to support yourself to even go out to buy thing for the person you love or not? still not like a child asking money from parent and not being able to take setback in life. grow up la, support yourself when you can already la. don't be a child and keep asking money. here is a warning to others who are intending to make him your boyfriend, don't be a kid and keep wanting something from him and show some respect to him and yourself as well as this relationship. well thank you for making him lost trust again and to someone, if you have read this blog, i can only say he will be proving you lot of thing wrong and that is unlike his past anymore! if you want to make him your boyfriend again then make him have the trust again and that don't lie to him ok? he dislike people who can't uphold their word and my word is not sweet word to coax girl ok? is those word that really mean a lot to him and thank to you he will never be the same. for now i can only say that he will be looking for nobody other than you ok? thank you jeaslyn for falling to my plan. even how much he love you now will not be remember again and to say truly he feel no pain even thought he love you cause he remember one word, what's the point of hating someone when it drain so much of your energy? let go of your hate will make you less happier and that anger dull your blade so what for? thank you for that:D his memories will be wipe out totally and thank you miss wang for advising him:D now his target is his wish and his goal in life. i have told him once, why lose your life cause of of girl? on the street everywhere is girls. is just that you are not rich only. if your are rich and able to support yourself, don't say one girl, even one whole street of girl will be there to love you and to care about you even if you want to play them, i will make sure you will play till you are sick of girls. i always remember one word in mind that i came across on a book, endure the pain now and that sweetness will come to you soon. it is just like the time you have got your police case, you endure and don't give up on yourself, god made a road to everyone and that you control your fate not fate control you. well just watch girl, he will show you what is the true meaning of love and don't think i don't know who are you on the phone ok? i can see. well jeaslyn, sorry to hurt you la, to say that i know his past and present well la and i am not him la, he so busy with work you think he can even go online? dumb to believe me but you have fall for the trick. girl he using Iphone not normal phone so he want to see his facebook is just like in his fingertips la, cause me to get scolding from him, curse you then you know arh. haha

To the girl i am planning, read this and he will prove it with his action with my word to guide him, you won't see the old TAKASHI that is still afraid of his past. till now i don't think he have say any bad word that he is not suppose to say bah, i didn't hear the word 'fuck' or 'chi bye' so far, haha good. just remain in my control bah, 6 legged star will be born soon so just relax and enjoy the outcome that i have plan for you akthough i don't know how long it will take:D BloodyRose live forever! a rose that have cause blood to be spill:D oh ya jeaslyn, doubt you don't know that he is unable to coach you on this week bah if nothing have happen? he slash his arm for us that why he don't want you to worry for him so haha thank you:D my greatest pleasure to play with you but you have lost the game, well i will put who am i on his blog now just in case he get into any trouble cause of me:D haha

Will you ever notice me and love me again...

Monday, September 6, 2010
11:05 PM

today dam bored lor is like the day without you is like so weird and that i am now learning to grow up and to learn to care about other people feeling........... well it is true that waiting for someone is very painful but is like i will show you the true meaning of wait and not like you having a stead while waiting for someone. is like you know even if i want to patch also very hard when you got a stead la. what will others be thinking? is like i am a third party la. well i will show you the true meaning of waiting and not like you ok. now i have start to learn to do things on my own and that thank to you, you have force me to grow a lot during a short period of time. well i don't know what you are thinking now and i also don't know who you are that i am talking but somehow is like i am so lifeless now and that i don't even have the attention to eat or drink but hope i can get over it soon la. well truly i got to do something with HB now that it is out to ask for more things and maybe the last bah. well hope you are happy out there and that i think you have got many things wrong lor, is like at that time i didn't even give money to lee si xian la. have you ever thought what it would be like to be frame and losing someone that is important to you? truly la, i will be changing and that if you want to see what is happen then you come and read it la. anyway it is you that i want and i don't care what have happen to me anymore.all i want is you and that if one day my memories were to recover then hope that it will be the day when i can be with you la. well i will wait and that i believe one day i will be with you again la. well don't worry about him la, he will be with us safely and we will make sure nothing bad will happen to him, you should know who we are and to everyone who have read this i am not the owner of this blog thanks.

Will you ever notice me and love me again...

Sunday, September 5, 2010
6:59 PM

well it is time to grow up already la since so many thing have happen and that i have gone through enough hardship la, it is like there is so many thing and that since now my life is stable back then good la, i got a job and i got my stead and i got lot of happy thing so whats wrong? why must i be like this in the past, sometime i really wonder and that thank to you i have finally grow up, i will never forget what you have said and that although i don't remember you but i always remember one thing, that is the pain you have done on me and i will never forget it, well it is like i have to grow and that now i truly will grow up and hope that next time when we meet on the street hope that you wont remember me anymore cause i will change to a person that you don't know and i would like to help my girlfriend to thank you on behalf to grant us this chance to be together and thanks to you i will forever remember that some word are not to be trust especially word from you this kind of people! time to grow up takashi and that don't think about the past anymore, there will be a better girl put there, better than her a few time. no matter in term of body or character will be better so look forward and keep moving on and strife for a better future. you will be better than her, you will move out of your hell house before she ever does! you will make sure one day she will be crying over what she have lost! so what even if she still have feeling, she will never understand what kind of pain you are going through and the kind of hardship, look at that guy, what more can he give her? your dream are very big and that you will forever break free from this. look at that guy, only a guy that have to rely on his parent and never gone through those kind of pain you have gone through, you will be stronger than him than many other guy in this world. i,TAKASHI LIM swear that i will make you regret for doing this to me and i will make sure next time is not me the one trying to wooed you but is you cause you are just another girl that i have got in my list to consider. wish you last long with him and i will be watching and waiting if i still can remember what and who you are. i wont be the same anymore, you cause my dark side to rose up and be stronger, would like to see if this ass can provide you with what? a future without worries? oh i forgot, i still got XENIA and many other girl and there are something you dont know only and i never spend any money on LEE SI XIAN OK! and the reason me and her break is cause of you! cause i tell her that i like you and want to break with her get it IDIOT!!!!!! more likely i have grown la after the deep slash on my wrist, should be lucky i never die haha.

BloodyRose will live forever

Will you ever notice me and love me again...

Saturday, September 4, 2010
4:37 PM

this whole time i have negalect my blog and that i am sorry blog that i ignore you. well those thing that have happen is like too sudden, i don't know what to do now that thing around me get better expect for my love life, well thing that are lost should be buried forever and yet you are asking me to dig it out just for you making me feeling suck and angry and so full of emotion now la. all those photo say a thousand word, me and lee si xian, it really kill me now you know? maybe it is a wrong choice to help you la and worse i even found out something that i don't think i should have find. it is like i truly hope thing will just go away but i think it just won't go la. what more can truly happen from now on? i just wish that thing will change and maybe we be back in the past but i know things can't change. i hurt those two the same way and now that i look back at my life, what more have change? should i walk down this life? will i always be alone now? i dislike the feeling ok?

Will you ever notice me and love me again...

Sunday, August 29, 2010
5:01 PM

i am sorry for those who have read this post but it will be the last day of my life already...... thanks for all your love and care you had for me but it will truly be the last of my trust that i will have on you and i will never forget it....still remember those time where we spend going bugis and play and smoke together, ton and slack together me sleeping on your lap and slowly drifting off to sleep knowing that you will be there to protect me..... but it have all ended, truly not that i want to believe them but is like those thing they said and show me got evidence and prove to say that. but i didn't bother but i just choose to believe and trust you cause i know they are following someone order and try to break us up, still remember that time when i first made you angry in front of your 'zhu'? is like i tried to make you happy and after that i even carried you back to your parent shop? still remember that time when i throw my childish temper just course of shengli throwing popcorn and i thought it was him? still remember that time i ate your noodle after the movie and how i cried for spicy in my mouth? you know i always try to make some stupid face just to make you agree with me or sometime to get those thing that i wanted? but like what many say, happy things have to come to an end and that i guess that this is the time bah, many thing have came after us to break us apart but what i did not expect is that you will be the one to break with me and to even hurt me. like what i believe, love isn't a game and it can't be tested by anyone but just god. since now thing is like that and i think we have fail god test and should be apart then so be it but it isn't me ok! i don't believe that we human are control by our fate and i will be the person to break this stupid saying, i will change my own fate and control them!do you know how much i love you but now i am giving you the last chance, come find me at bedok central the carpark opposite the long john sliver and if you come early, then maybe you can save me and come alone. i don't believe that we are bound to surrender to our fate and god so prove to me that you still love me and that we can be together......... i truly love you after so many thing, i think i have truly love you and that i trust you till those thing happen right before my eyes,so please come and take my body with you and not my soul:(

Will you ever notice me and love me again...